Feature - Lu Hong 8 form  :

Name of 8 form       :

  (1)Rush & strike  (2).raise something & plunder  (3).chop & intercept  (4).turn over & twist  (5)pass through &Turn  (6)shut & roll  (7)cloud &brace  (8)pull & horizontal

Strength method        :

         Each form included 2 major internal strengths. The whole set included a number of different attack and defense strength. There  are many people knew that 8 form is only practicing with hard strength. Actually, you can practice with soft strength. When you practice either method for a long time. You will get hard and soft intercepting strength at the end.

Practicing method       :

         You can practice form by form or link up all 8 form  together. Remember !   to  practice each form or linking form  with  left and right side .