Introduction - Lu Hong chuan

       Our chief advisor (master Lu Gui Yao) is the indoor student of Grand master Wu yi hui.  He learned the following by Grand master Wu:

Lu Hong 8 form    :Lu  Hong 8 forms is not Xiyi Men martial art. It started from  Deng Feng province Li feng Yuan.

Li taught Lu Hong 8 form to Huangchuan province Xiong ZhanYuan, Wei Lvcheng, the Nanyang province Xing Kun, Hebei province Deng ZhanXiong. Then Deng taught 8 form to Hebei province Qing County Song LaoMai, and Song taught his son Song QingWen. Gand master Wu learn 8 from from Song Qing Wen.

The 8 form is simple and useful. It produce extremely strong  power. It covered 6 face areas of attack and defense (forward, backward, left, right , up and down).

Name of 8 form   :

  (1)Rush & strike  (2).raise something & plunder  (3).chop & intercept  (4).turn over & twist  (5)pass through &Turn  (6)shut & roll  (7)cloud &brace  (8)pull & horizontal

       Each form included a number of sub movements.