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       Contents of Master Lu's liuhebafa chuan art:

Major topics:

66 form                                      :The most important form in Liuhebafa family. The whole set included 66 techniques. Each technique have many sub-movements.

Dragon and tiger fighting           : It is a short form which  trains grappling and foot work.

Jade river sword                        :It included many techniques such as stab, cut, stir, block, chop, wipe, sweep, hang, cloud, reverse cut etc。

Lu Hong 8 forms:                     :Lu  Hong 8 forms is not Xiyi Men martial art. It started from  Deng Feng province Li feng Yuan.  Then Grand master Wu learned it from master Song qing wen.

Lineage  of Lu Hong 8 forms   :     Lu Hong  -  -  ?? -    -   >- Li feng Yuan -->  Xiong Zhanyuan, Wei Lvcheng, ,Xing kun , ( Deng Zhanxiong  --> Song Lao mai ,( Song Qing wen --> Wu Yi hui))

Lu  Hong 8 forms included  the following:

 (1)Rush & strike  (2).raise something & plunder  (3).chop & intercept  (4).turn over & twist  (5)pass through &Turn  (6)shut & roll  (7)cloud &brace  (8)pull & horizontal

       Each form included a number of sub movements.

Auxiliary topics:

Playing Wooden ball          :Playing wooden ball is a kind of  solo pushing hand exercise. It trains hand or arm contact point sensitivity . Playing ball have several different techniques. One of the basic technique is placed the ball on a small table and use your hand or arm to roll the wooden ball moving around gently.

Pole                                     :Master Lu only learns several pole movements from grand master Wu. It tests your internal strength.

Pushing hand                      :It trains contact point sensitivity.