Chairman's Note

   After Grand Master Wu Yi Hui passed away, the art of Liu He Ba Fa Chuan  has been modified into many different versions. There are many different reasons, with some complications.  When I first saw Liu He Ba Fa Chuan at one of martial arts show many years ago, I didn’t think that there was anything special in it.  Later I read some articles about Liu He Ba Fa and thought the same way.

    Fortunately , I met Master Lu Gui Yao (who is in the direct line of instruction of the Grand Master Wu) later, and then I truly understood what is the real Liu He Ba Fa Chuan. Liu He Ba Fa Chuan is a unique martial art system. It got unique foot works, body movements , techniques and theories. There are great differences with Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Xing Yi Chuan.

Master Lu studied under Grand Master Wu with the longest time.  Nowadays, he still preserves the art of the original Grand Master Wu's Liu He Ba Fa Chuan and the teaching method. Certainly, he is the living textbook of Grand Master Wu's Liu He Ba Fa Chuan. 

      The aims of our association are to promote and preserve the art of Grand Master Wu yi hui original Liu He Ba Fa Chuan. Originality does not mean conservative. Besides the application, i.e. the method of fighting, one should also pay great attention to its intrinsic artistry, for example the health care, the scientific mechanics, the psychology, the movement connotation, and the release and the storage of internal strength. Every movement of Liu He Ba Fa Chuan should involve the five main sections and nine sub-segments of the body.

    Our country has many traditional treasures that we want to preserve. Wu's Liu He Ba Fa Chuan is one of our treasures.  If we cannot preserve this outstanding traditional treasure, it will  be vanished in the near future.
Anybody interested to study, to promote and preserve Grand Master Wu Yi-Hui  original Liu He Ba Fa Chuan art. Please contact our association.

Hui kit wah