An eminent LiuHeBaFa Chuan martial artist

 Wu Yi Hui

Wu yi hui was a highly educated person. He got opportunity to study Liu He Ba Fa under three teachers of different lineages. Grand Master Wu is an eminent Liu He Ba Fa Chuan martial artist.


The Skills of the Grand Master:

Wang Xiang Zhai, YiQuan founder, met Grand Master Wu. He was surprised with the latter's deep understanding of the principles of martial arts. Once  Master Wang said  that there were only two and a half people in the entire China who knew about the essence of martial arts, one of them being Grand Master Wu. It is said that the two Masters exchanged a lot of ideas and training methods to further advance their respective arts.

His students :

 His students included  Han Xing Chiao (XingYi, YiQuan), Zhao Dao Xin (YiQuan), Chan yik yan, Lu Gui Yao,  and others.

Martial art school :

In 1936, the head of the Chinese Central Martial Arts Institute, Mr. Zhang Zhi-Jiang, invited Master Wu to become the Dean of Studies in the Chinese Central Martial Arts Institute. In 1949, Mr. Zhang Zhi-Jiang invited Mr. Wu to be an Associate Professor and the Head of the Martial Arts Department at the Chinese Physical Education Teacher's Institute. These invitations were extended because of Master Wu's deep understanding and mastery of the Chinese martial arts.