Chairman and Chief Instructor

        Mr. Hui kit-wah(Xu Jiehua), Guangdong Xinhui person , was born in Hong Kong in 1958. He got his master degree of Science in the UK. He loved martial arts since his childhood and had practiced  Karate,  Judo, Choy Li Fut , Wing Chun, and qigong etc . During the past twenty years, he devoted himself to the research of traditional Chinese  internal martial arts. He also has great interest in the functions of martial art regarding to exercising the body and keeping practitioners healthy. He has tried to study and analyze the internal strength of internal martial arts and its secrets from the perspectives of sports and scientific theories . He learned several kinds of internal martial arts from many teachers, for example Xing Yi Chuan, Ba Gua , Tai chi and Liu He Ba Fa and Yi Chuan. Later he was formally accepted as a disciple by Master Han XingQiao of Yi chuan, Tai Ji Chuan and XingYi  Chuan, Master Lu HanChu of Tai Ji Chuan and Master Lu GuiYao of Liu He Ba Fa Chuan. Definitely he learned a lot  from these masters. He conducted many seminars  in order to promote internal martial arts. He has also taught internal martial art classes in various tertiary institutions and government departments to let more people have the chance to understand  Chinese Kung fu.