International Liu He Ba Fa Chuan Lu Gui yao Association

            Master Lu gui  yao is the founder and chief advisor of the association. He was the direct indoor student of Grand master Wu yi hui. He followed grand master many years and got all his Liu He Ba Fa Chuan true  internal skill.  Nowadays, There are  many different Liu He Ba Fa chuan form styles. The main reason is that many of Grand master Wu Yi Hui's students or next  generation students  had martial arts backgrounds and modified or changed  the form to merge it with their own knowledge. It is easy to find the differences if you check  these people's postures with grand master Wu's Liu He Ba Fa Chuan photos.   A whole set of Grand master Wu's  Liu He Ba Fa Chuan posture photos was published in  his book on 1979. It is of great  help to  all Liu He Ba Fa Chuan students to read the book  and study the photos. However, It was so pity that the sequence of posture photos in the book  were  in wrong order.  Those wrong ordered photos are more  of a hindrance than  a help. Master Lu worry that  the original grand master  Wu's Liu He Ba Fa Chuan will be loss in next generation.  So , He  dispatches one of his top indoor student Mr Hui kit wah to establish International Liu He Ba Fa Chuan Lu Gui Yao Association to promote and preserve original grand master Wu yi hui internal martial art.


  1. Preserve traditional Chinese culture.

  2. To appreciation, preserve and promote Wu Yi Hui Liu He Ba Fa Chuan art.

  3. To preserve original Grand Master Wu's style.  

  4. To provide joyful experience and improve the health  or practitioner through  practicing.

Any party (any country)  Interested in promoting and preserving the art of Grand Master Wu's original Liu He Ba Fa Chuan art, please

contact Mr. Hui kit-wah.  Email :